Makana Brick 8km

The start of the Makana Brick 8kmNite Race. Eventuall winner Simphiwe Tana (in green with race number 1405) and woman's winner, Terri-Lynn Penney to the right of Simphiwe

Below are results from the Makana Brick 8km Nite Race, as well as photos from the event.

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Makana Brick 8km Nite Race results

Well done to all Run/Walk For Life members who took part in the Makana Brick 8km Nite Race in Grahamstown on 10 March. Some great performances were achieved by our members. Patrick Mnto finished second overall in 27:27 and Carriot Galela was fifth overall in 28:56. In the women's race, Terri-Lynn Penney was the winner in 33:38 and Jene Banfield was third in 34:44.

Run Walk For Life members at the Makana Brick 8km:

Patrick Mnto – 27:27 (2 nd overall)
Carriot Galela – 28:56 (5 th overall)
Malibongwe Mbelu – 31:32
Mlamli Klaas – 32:12
Kevin Rafferty – 32:16
Welcome Jela – 33:04
Terri-Lynn Penney – 33:38 (1 st woman)
Richard Alexander – 34:33
Jene Banfield – 34:44 (3 rd woman)
John Galela – 36:15
Joubert Retief – 37:44
John van Onselen – 39:34
Paul Greenway – 39:56
Dave Hanton – 40:50 (CLICK HERE)
Chris Upfold – 41:33
Heather Boman – 45:37
Mike Loewe – 49:12
Naomi Nel – 54:00
Mickey Ntwanambi – 56:10
Eric Wells – 56:31
Amy Taylor – 1:02:08
Marion Penney – 1:07:42
Madyke Mokorosi – 1:11:39
Sid Penney - 1:20:14

Amy Taylor 

Madyke Mokorosi 

Kevin Rafferty 

John Galela 

Welcome Jela, left, and Richard Alexander 

Dave Hanton

Tragically killed while on a training run.

Patrick Mnto 

Mlamli Klaas 

Jene Banfield 

Eric Wells 

Sid Penney 

Malibongwe Mbelu 

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Carriot Galela 

Terri-Lynn Penney 

And they're off 

Runners and walkers make there way along Fitzroy Street, over the railway crossing 

Marion Penney 

John van Onselen (in red top) 

Quinton Muller 

Joubert Retief