Alicedale Cycle tour

Alicedale cycle tour

Over 20 cyclists (from East London, Port Alfred, Grahamstown and one from Johannesburg) enjoyed a cycle tour from Grahamstown to Alicedale and back over two days. The fun tour, organised by local cyclist Colin Meyer, started in Grahamstown on Saturday 31 July. From Grahamstown the tour cycled along the Highlands Road towards Alicedale. Just before Alicedale the cyclists took a detour for a lunch stop. After lunch it was back to Alicedale where mosts cyclists settled in at Bushman's Sands while others stayed in one of the houses on the  Golf estate. The days cycling was 97km. Supper was enjoyed at the Golf house where a few prizes and thank you's followed. Mark Tarbotton from East London won the Yellow Jersey as the days top rider, Theunis Reynolds won the Green Jersey as top sprinter, and Stephen Penney won the Polka Dot jersey as the days top climber.

The following day cyclists enjoyed breakfast at Bushman Sands before meeting at the house and then cycling back to Grahamstown for another 60km. Cyclists were eager to challenge up the mountain between Alicedale and Riebeek East, with David Wright leading the way, followed by Polka Dot jersey winner, Stephen Penney and Yellow Jersey wearer, Mark Tarbotton who reached the gate at the top together. They were followed by Green Jersey wearer, Theunis Reynolds. After coffee and rusks (all catering and seconding by the fabulous duo of Don Chandler and Et Drake) it was off to Grahamstown after a great weekend of fun and cycling.

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